Welcome to "Tina's Tots."  Here you will find beautiful, life like dolls for mature children and grown up collectors.  We specialize in real size toddler dolls, 30 to 39 inches, thus our name.  Our dolls are all made by hand, one at a time, with high quality made in America vinyl.  They are guaranteed to be non toxic and lead free! 
Many of our dolls are one of a kind so if you see someone you love, don't hesitate to reserve them for adoption.  Available dolls are on the Adoptable Angels page.  We try to have a variety of sizes and styles of toddler dolls at all times but sometimes they sell out so quickly, it might be a few days before we have new additions.  We also do custom orders as time allows.  Please check out our Custom Orders page for more information. 
We only accept orders from adults over the age of 18 so please, do not waste my time or yours if you are under 18. 
Enjoy your journey into the wonderful world of "Tina's Tots--dolls!"

Tina McCulloch




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Credit cards accepted through Paypal ONLY,  Lay-a-way also available on our Adoptable Angels.  Money Gram (available at Wal-Mart) also gladly accepted!  Checks and money orders are also fine,  final payments made by check will be held for 10 days pending bank clearance. 

Have you ever ordered a mass produced doll from a catalog and then been disappointed that it looked nothing like the original picture?  This is because the picture you are seeing in the catalog or order form is called an artist proof.  It is the one the artist designed.  The doll you are getting has been mass produced in China or India with little attention to detail.  For about the same price you will pay for one of these mass produced dolls, you may purchase one of our beautiful dolls that are one of a kind and are guaranteed to be "what you see is what you get."  Your doll will become a cherished heirloom not only because of it's beauty and quality but because you know it was created with love and attention to detail, one at a time, right here in America.  Please look over our Adoptable Angels page and find your perfect doll.  Or check out our custom orders page and let us make a CUSTOM designed doll for you!  Faces and body styles are limited but the Chris face is an example of one of the faces you may have as a custom order.  Custom orders require a minimum of $125.00 down payment.

AV "Chris" (mold name) is a totally amazing doll as you can see. Just by changing eye and hair color and style, this doll can take on just about any character that you desire.  Notice our Harry Potter and Hermione  look alike dolls above.  That's our version of Matilda, the book character, who has stopped by the library to do a little reading.  Recognize Hannah Montanna above?  These dolls stand an amazing 39 inches and have partial vinyl limbs with a strong armature that allows it to bend and be posed in many ways.  These dolls can also stand nearly unassisted!  We no longer offer custom designed babies and small dolls through our website but we have decided to offer our Chris doll as a custom order,  for a limited time.  You choose the eye and hair color and style, gender and any character or theme. 
We are now offering custom orders in several sizes and faces.  See the custom order page.  The sizes we offer are 28-30 inches, 34/36 inches, 39 inches and NEW the 42 inch size.  Prices range from $199.00 for the smallest custom at 28 inches to about $300.00 for the largest at 42 inches. 
Please note, we do not do adult dolls, we do child dolls only and we do not do look alike dolls from pictures, so please don't send pictures. 
Check out our new 42 inch very cuddly and flexible body, see pictures below.  Only available with the Chris face.  Look at the realism of using this body.  Can you believe these are dolls!!!  please note: WE DO NOT DO SEX DOLLS.  IF THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, STOP AND LEAVE THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY!

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Examples of the Chris face.  More information on the custom orders page.
Introducing the "Stacey" face, also available for custom design in your choice of hair, eye color and gender.  Amazing new body allows for nearly full arms as pictured here.  Only available with the Stacey face and only available through "Tina's Tots".

Tina's Tots-Dolls
Life-like Dolls of Distinction

Happy Summer!  This is going to be a busy summer for me in that I am having the second of three surgeries this summer, on July 9th.  This is a much needed knee replacement which I am approaching with both happiness (anticipating being able walk without pain) and dread (its going to hurt like heck for a while after surgery!), so please keep me in your prayers.  With that said, I need to take care of some dolly housekeeping tasks here.  Please, Please, Please, if you want to place a custom order, do so by July 8th. If you have been thinking about it and procrastinating, now is the time to start making those decisions and getting in your order as I don't know how soon I will be able to reply to you or how many orders I will be able to accept post surgery recovery time.  Also, if you wish to adopt one of our Ready to Adopt kids, please have payment to me by the 8th so I can send out your doll by UPS that day.  That is the last day I will be lugging around 4 foot high doll boxes for a while, I guarantee you!  I also have been getting requests for dolls from photos again and I simply do not do them anymore.  Please don't ask.  Please don't send photos either.  No matter how cute your child is, I am not going to do a look a like doll from a photo.  Please make your choiches of a CUSTOM doll from the faces on the custom order page.  The dolls on the photo gallery page are not available for sale, they are ones I have made in the past.  Okay, housekeeping al done, please resume drooling over dolls!   

Thank you and have a "dollicious" day!


Tina McCulloch


  We no longer do look alike dolls from pictures.  Sorry!

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.New Kids are available for adoption on the Adoptable Angels page!