WE DO NOT MAKE ADULT LOVE DOLLS, SEX DOLLS OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL THEM SO IF THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE SEEKING, STOP HERE AND LEAVE THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY! Dolls represent the purity and innocense of childhood, don't even think that you will find anything that will satisfy your depraved mind here!  I am going to start posting IP addresses for those who are putting in these terms and looking at this page.  You can be traced by your IP address.   

  Please note, these are dolls that have been adopted, they are not available anymore.  Many are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated.   Some are available as custom orders (the 28 inch and above dolls.)  This page is simply for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!  help@tinastots-dolls.com
Hilarious  with pale blond Jessica  wig (Apple Valley Mold)
Blue eyed Giggles with special wig
This is the Joanna expression with lovely brown eyes.  She was a Christmas gift from one sister to another.

Berenguer reborn Amish baby.  SE mold 204.
Asian reborn Berenguer.
Sweet Preemie reborn Berenguer.  Only 18 inches long and about 4 pounds. 
This reborn has the bluest eyes and hides a pout behind her magnetic pacifier.  
Angel baby:Berenguer Reborn mold 204
Baby Kyle (reborn) now lives in England.
One of my favorite Berenguer molds but not always easy to find.  Known as "sucky lip."  We named her Dora.  She found her new Mommy on EBay.
Baby Charity (reborn) in an antique gown.  She also found her Mommy on Ebay who then custom ordered Charity a sister from "Tina's Tots".
When we run out of dollies to dress around here, our cat Lucky, will have to suffice!  Isn't she adorable in her little tutu?  Yes, this is a very patient, good natured cat.  
Forever 19 . . . 
On May 30, 2009 we lost our precious son in a car accident.  This is our tribute to this special young man who cared for people and furry people and loved life.  
Holy Cow! This little Preemie is a Berenguer Reborn.
"Colby Jack" A 'cheesy" Reborn Berenguer!
Our 39 inch "Chris" mold is so versatile.  Look at all the characters we have created with this mold.  This doll wears a real child's size 3 to 4 T in clothing and a size 10 in a child's shoe!  This face mold is also available in a 42 inch jointed sitting doll that can be posed in so many lifelike ways.  The 42 inch size wears size 5 to 6 in children's clothing and also a 10 in shoes.
Sweet sleeping reborn . . .  went to a little girl who takes very good care of him.  His name is now Jacob . . . 
Kimberly is a big girl at 23 inches.  She found her new Mommy on Ebay and now lives in Texas.  Kimberly is a Berenguer Reborn.  
Melody, is a  darling 30 inch flower girl
Yes, we do red heads!  This is Kathleen a big 39 inch doll similiar to the Chris style doll.  She found her new home in Ohio.
Oh so sweet Maggie is a big 28 inches and found her home on Ebay.
Our little Lianne is a little Asian girl.  Isn't she sweet!  She found her new home in Washington state.  (She is a big 30 inches!)
Pretty little Ashlee is a big 28 inches standing.  She was on our web site only hours before her new Mommy found her and sent for her.  She now lives in California with all her dolly sisters.  
Autumn is a special fairy that turns the trees the beautiful colors of fall.  She went to live in Indiana where she is generally very busy!
Merrie is a 28 inch Tot that stands big and tall!
Heather Lane is a big girl at 30 inches.  She went to her new home in England.  
Isn't our Lee Lee sweet!  She is a big 39 inches and went to live with her new Mommy in England.
This Tot is named Jolie and she is a big 30 inches tall.  Jolie is the cutest little red head and she loves the snow!  Watch out for her snowball.  She's a fiesty one!  
Rhiannon is a darling toddler at 30 inches!
Chauncey Jean went to help her new Mom tend the garden.  She is a big 35 inches!
Toddler Jamie is a big 30 inches with nearly full vinyl limbs!
Our big body Andrew gives a cheer--he went to France to be with his new Mom!
AnnaLee is a big 34 inch Asian beauty. She went to Bermuda!
Cyndi is so cute.  She is a big 30 inches.  We took her to the Zoo for pictures!
Lovely Emaline Angel went to England.  This 39 inch beauty is from the Stacey face with bambi arms and Chris legs.  Whew!
Our African American toddler, Shiloh, is a big 28 inches and cute as a button!  This body style is no longer available in ethnic tones.  Yes, it makes us sad too!
Also 42 inches and very flexible.  Look how she can bend her knees.
42 Inch Macie At the playground for pictures, how cute is that!
Michiko is a big 34 inches and sold on Ebay for $500.00!!  She now lives in North Carolina.
Hana and Kohanna are getting ready to go to England and be with their new Mummy.  Hana is 34 inches and Kohana is 30 inches.
In Tribute to our son and only child, Kevan Andrew McCulloch
Chris face in 42 inch size.
Lovely Marley is a big 42 inches and went to her new family in England.
Amaya is a big 34 inches and is another version of the Keiko head. More of this sculpt below.  
This cute little fairy of 39 inches we named Emerald for the color of her eyes.  She went to her new home in Japan.  
40 inch Kami is enjoying her new family in England. 
We call this beautiful little African American child, "Azarha".  Her face mold is the "Isabelle" sculpt on our custom order page.  She is amazing in the 42 inch size as you can see!
Our sweet Sailor girl is a big 34 inches (about the size of a 2 year old!) and is so pretty with pale blond hair and blue eyes.
Tia is a cute toddler at 28 inches (about the size of a one year old toddler.) She has strawberry blond hair and big blue eyes.  
These cute little twins went to their new home in Ohio.  They are 36 inch custom orders (Chris face) with chuck hazel eyes and dark brown hair
A 42 inch custom designed African American Angel doll.  Let us design your perfect angel!
lovely Rainee found her new mommy on Etsy.  She is 39 inches tall with a lovely ethnic skin tone of medium brown and big brown eyes.  Her hair falls in soft waves all the way down her back.