Angel Tots available for Adoption  
    Paypal or MoneyGram (available at Wal-Mart) preferred for payment.    
Notice!!!! If you see a tot you like, please don't hesitate to e-mail me for purchase.  These dolls generally adopt very quickly so if you see someone you fall in love with, please email and put a deposit down to hold your tot.  Remember, our tots are one of a kind!  Once they are gone, they are gone!  (A doll will only be held for seven days pending payment. A down payment of half must be made to hold your doll for lay-a-way.  The balance must be paid within 30 days unless other arrangements are made in advance with my approval.  Orders accepted from adults only.   For our friends with dial up connection, if you have trouble seeing the pics of a particular baby or child, email me for pictures or try right clicking and clicking on show picture.
(Please note, all of our dolls are made of high quality vinyl, American made and Lead free! 
In order to avoid being disappointed and having "your" doll adopted out, email and reserve your doll as soon as you can! 
If you need to contact me to ask about a doll and the link doesn't work, copy and paste it into your email program.  Please don't leave questions on my Guest board as I may not get there immediately to check it.
New dolls are arriving!

Coming soon! This was a custom order that someone backed out on. Please note, all sales are final and you will not receive a full refund if you do not complete an order.
This little girl is 39 inches tall, partial vinyl limbs in medium brown.  She has brown eyes and wavy brown hair.  She will sell for $250.00 plus shipping.  I will get better pictures later so these are her pre-picture pictures!
Take a look at our sweet little chunky cheeked Madison.  At 24 inches, Madisons is a cuddly sweet baby that you won't be able to put down once you get her.  She has big brown eyes and "real" eye lashes.  Her straight her is silky soft and could be dressed up with a bow if desired.  She has nearly full vinyl limbs so you can dress her in those cute summer styles as well.  Madison will come as dressed in a Christmas themed sleeper, perfect for someone opening up their special gift on Christmas morning.  THen Madison can be dressed in clothing from 3 to 6 months in size.  This baby is one of kind so email and reserve her for your own today.  She is only $135.00 plus shipping and insurance of $20.00 in the continental United States.  Out of country shipping is available but will be higher.  Email today:

Meet our little princess.  She is a big 29 inches tall with nearly full vinyl limbs.  Princess has honey blond hair that falls in little ringlets around her head and beautiful blue eyes.  She can stand with assistance and can sit as well.  Princess will come as dressed with her sweet ballerina style outfit, and white ruffled socks.  She wears a 6 to 9 months size in clothing.  Princess is one of a kind so if you have take a fancy to her, please email and reserve her today.  She is only $135.00 plus 25.00 shipping and insurance in the continental United States.  Out of country shipping will be higher.
Meet sweet and petite Bethie,  At 12 inches she is tiny but full of personality.  Just look at that big toothless grin, you just can't help but smile back at her.  Bethie has nearly full vinyl limbs that can be posed in several cute ways, giving her even more personality.  She has brown eyes and is a cute little bald baby so we have given her an adorable hand made chrochet outfit that even includes tiny booties for her sweet little feet.  Bethie will come as dressed and we will even include her little yellow bed and pink blanket.  She can be posed sitting up on laying down.  Bethie is adorable but is delicate like most babies are so she should be adopted by an adult collector or by a mature little girl who knows how to take care of her special doll.  Bethie is a pettite price as well at only $65.00 plus  $10.00 shipping and insurance in the continental United States.  Shipping out of country will be higher.  Email and reserve Bethie before she is gone!
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