Angel Tots available for Adoption  
    Paypal or MoneyGram (available at Wal-Mart) preferred for payment.    
Notice!!!! If you see a tot you like, please don't hesitate to e-mail me for purchase.  These dolls generally adopt very quickly so if you see someone you fall in love with, please email and put a deposit down to hold your tot.  Remember, our tots are one of a kind!  Once they are gone, they are gone!  (A doll will only be held for seven days pending payment. A down payment of half must be made to hold your doll for lay-a-way.  The balance must be paid within 30 days unless other arrangements are made in advance with my approval.  Orders accepted from adults only.   For our friends with dial up connection, if you have trouble seeing the pics of a particular baby or child, email me for pictures or try right clicking and clicking on show picture.
(Please note, all of our dolls are made of high quality vinyl, American made and Lead free! 
In order to avoid being disappointed and having "your" doll adopted out, email and reserve your doll as soon as you can! 
If you need to contact me to ask about a doll and the link doesn't work, copy and paste it into your email program.  Please don't leave questions on my Guest board as I may not get there immediately to check it.

New dolls are arriving!

Beautiful Natalie June is a big toddler doll at 39 inches.  She is a one of a kind creation with lovely bright blue eyes, "real" eye lashes and blond hair that falls in soft waves around her shoulders.  You can brush her hair and put in in pig tails if you like!  Natalie has partial vinyl limbs meaning her arms go about half of the way in vinyl and her legs go about half way up in vinyl. The rest of her body is a high quality duck cloth.  Natalie has been designed as a standing doll and does not sit.  Natalie would look so cute with a book in her hand or standing next to a school desk.  She is the perfect "beginning of the school year" doll!  (You may purchase a stand for her for an additional $20.00.)  She wears a real children's clothing in size 4 t and a size 9 in toddler shoes.   Natalie is only $225.00 plus $30.00 shipping and insurance in the continental United States. Out of country will be higher.  Email and reserve Natalie June for your very own today!

  Welcome our first doll of Fall, appropriately named "Autumn."  This big girl is 39 inches tall, about the size of a four year old and can wear real children's clothing in size 2t to 4T.  Her outfit is a 4t.  Autumn is a medium skin tone ethnic little girl with a  cute "corksrew" curls falling around her shoulders.  You can put her hair in pigtails, pull it back in a pony tail, pull it up on one side, even braid it.  Autumn has been designed as a standing doll only and can stand with some proping from behind or you can purchase a stand from us for an additional $20.00.  Think of how much fun you can have dressing this doll for any of the upcoming holidays!  Autumn is only $225.00 plus shipping and insurance of $30.00 in the continental United States. Out of country shipping will be higher.  Email and reserve this beautiful little girl for your very own, today!
Welcome this dark haired beauty that we have named Sophia.  She stands 39 inches and has nearly full vinyl arms and partial vinyl legs.  Sophia has a head full of bouncy black curls, big brown eyes and a wistful smile.  Sophia has been designed as a standing doll and will come with a stand.  She has an armature and can raise and lower her arms, place them on her hips or hold a small toy or stuffed animal.  Sophia will come as dressed and would look darling in a sea or nautical themed room.  Of course, you can also dress Sophia in real kid clothing size 2t to 4t.   She is only $250.00 plus $30.00 shipping and insurance in the continental United States.  Email and reserve Sophia today!
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How adorable is our little red haired tot that we have named "Nikkie".  Nikkie is a 39 inch Tot that we have designed as a sitting doll.  Our red haired angels are as rare as the real red haired angels in the world so if you have been looking for a red head, snap up this little one now!  Nikkie has blue eyes and her hair is cut in a short page boy style that can also be placed in two cute pigtails.  Look at her cute smile, you just can't help but smile back at her.  Nikkie will come as dressed in this adorable Monkey themed oufit as shown  She is only $225.00 plus $30.00 shipping and insurance in the continental United states.  Email and reserve Nikkie for yours today!