Angel Tots available for Adoption   
  ,    Paypal or MoneyGram (available at Wal-Mart) preferred for payment.     
Notice!!!! If you see a tot you like, please don't hesitate to e-mail me for purchase.  These dolls generally adopt very quickly so if you see someone you fall in love with, please email and put a deposit down to hold your tot.  Remember, our tots are one of a kind!  Once they are gone, they are gone!  (A doll will only be held for seven days pending payment. A down payment of half must be made to hold your doll for lay-a-way.  The balance must be paid within 30 days unless other arrangements are made in advance with my approval.  Orders accepted from adults only.   For our friends with dial up connection, if you have trouble seeing the pics of a particular baby or child, email me for pictures or try right clicking and clicking on show picture. 
(Please note, all of our dolls are made of high quality vinyl, American made and Lead free!  
 In order to avoid being disappointed and having "your" doll adopted out, email and reserve your doll as soon as you can!  
If you need to contact me to ask about a doll and the link doesn't work, copy and paste it into your email program.  Please don't leave questions on my Guest board as I may not get there immediately to check it. 
New dolls are arriving! 

Welcome these awesome tots, Princess Ahna and Queen Elza!  Elza is a 39 inch beauty with long golden blond hair that can be braided or left loose.  She has bright blue eye, "real" eyelashes and a lovely smile.  Elsa will come as dressed in her coronation day outfit.  Not shown but included with Elza are her pink cape and her crown.  Anhna is 36 inches and wears her outfit she was in to go hunting her sister in the snow.  It includes the pink cape but does not include a crown.  Her hair can also be combed out (it remains wavy though) or left in her original braids.  Both dolls will come with stands. These are designed as standing dolls and do not sit.   Each doll is purchased separately and each doll is $250.00 plus $30.00 shipping and insurance in the continental United States.  You may put them in lay away with $125.00 each.  This is a dream doll(s) for a lucky lilttle girl.  Is your little girl the lucky one?  These dolls are one of a kind.  Email and reserve one or both dolls today! Just added! You now may select between Elsa Coronation or Elsa in her Blue "let it go" gown!
 Email and reserve her today.

Welcome our Country Kids!  Andrea is a big 39 inches will long pale blond hair and sparkling blue eyes, She has partial vinyl limbs that go to about where her t shirt sleeves stop.  The vinyl on her legs goes up about half way.  Andrea has been sesigned primarily as a standing doll.  She will come as dressed with her cute Raggedy Ann fall themed overalls and black tennis shoes.  Evan is her little brother.  He is 36 inches tall, also with partial vinyl limbs.  Evan has a head full of tousled brown curls, Green eyes and a smile that is full of mischief.  He will come barefoot and dressed as pictured.  Andrea is only 225 plus 30 dollars shipping in the continental United States.  Evan is also 225 plus shipping.  Email and reserve one or both of the country kids today.  mcculloch3@charter,net
If you have been looking for a classic beauty for your collection, look no farther.  Marcella is inspired by a Victorian child of long ago.  With her blond banana curls and big pink bow she looks like a page out of a cherished photo album from long ago.  Marcella has bright blue eyes, long dark lashes and a shy smile that was proper for a young Victorian Era girl.  Look at her classic white dress with a smocked top with just a hint of color in delicate flower designs.  She also wears white tights and white patent leather look shoes.  Marcella can raise and lower her arms and can hold a light weight object.  She has been designed as a standing doll and feels most comfortable standing and holding onto a solid object like a baby carriage for her own doll or any other solid object.  Marcella is the picture of loveliness and will not be repeated.  She is a big 36 inches and can wear a size 2t in real children's clothing and a size 10 in shoes.  She is only $275.00 plus $30.00 shipping in the continental United States. (Buggy and doll with Marcella are props and are not included.) Email and reserve sweet Marcella today!